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PollMaps.ca maps are very competitively priced, especially when purchasing a large number of maps. Here is the pricing structure for a single electoral district:

2021, 2019 and 2015 Federal Elections, six maps each (18 total) : $975
2021 and 2019 Federal Elections, six maps each (12 total) : $825
2021 Federal Election, six maps: $575

Recommended packages include six maps per election period (percentage of votes for each of the top four parties; poll winners by percentage margin; voter turnout).


Maps are created for the new, 2023 riding boundaries and will show all new areas along with the old riding boundary.

 Format and Delivery

The product is a set of print-ready PDF files with 36"x36" poster size documents.  Each map is typically between 1MB and 3MB in file size.  The files can be viewed on a desktop, or printed if that is desired.  Some clients have printed maps on a commercial plotter or poster printer with fantastic results.

Allow up to two weeks for the maps to be produced once an order is confirmed.  In some cases they can be produced faster, but this depends on how many orders are pending.  Clients are notified by email when they are ready and provided a link to download the files.

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