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 PollMaps.ca - The #1 Source for Election Results Maps

PollMaps.ca screen imageBe prepared for the next election with high quality poll-by-poll maps detailing results from past elections.  PollMaps.ca produces attractive, affordable, and accurate maps with many analysis options.

Save the time and effort of doing it yourself or relying on volunteers, and have it done well.  Get six maps of your electoral district for $475 - or put together a package that suits your needs.

The recommended package includes a set of six maps per election period (percentage of votes for each of four major parties; voter turnout; and poll winners by percentage margin).

Choose this typical package or build your own combination from the options available.

Map options include:

  • *Percentage of votes (per candidate);
  • Number of votes (per candidate);
  • Poll winners - Margin of victory - by percentage;
  • *Poll winners - Margin of victory - by number of votes;
  • Poll winners (by party colour - no margins);
  • Winner's margin vs. runner-up - by percentage;
  • Winner's margin vs. runner-up - by number of votes;
  • Margin vs. election winner - by percentage (per candidate);
  • Margin vs. election winner - by number of votes (per candidate);
  • *Voter turnout - percentage;
  • Voter turnout - total votes;
  • Candidate percentage / voter turnout (percentage of electors voting for the candidate - per candidate).

* - Recommended
"Per candidate" maps refer to analysis showing one candidate/party per map.

Add maps for a different election period, to compare the results.  Having maps for both the 2021 and 2019 federal elections, for example, provides a powerful visual demonstrating voting trends.

PollMaps.ca is ready to produce maps for federal and provincial elections.  Submit an order form to receive a quote or email info@PollMaps.ca for more details. 


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